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We Want You to Know
At our first meeting, our discussion will focus on your needs. We'll point out pro's and
con's on different aspects of the project. We'll include our ideas and point out and potential
problems you might experience. By the end of the meeting, you'll know what to expect.
You'll have a better idea of what it takes to complete the project and what is required of
you as the homeowner.

How we are different
One of the hardest steps in home renovations is putting the pieces together. You have to
consider many things such as cost, options, ideas and a quality contractor. JS Pokorny
makes these decisions easier by working with you and offering good options.

Project Communication and Coordination
Communication is ultimately the most important factor in ensuring a project's successful
completion. Our approach is to make communication a continuous process, by working
with the homeowner and subcontractors to minimize mistakes. We communicate with our
subcontractors the scope of work and expectations. Scheduling and coordination of work is
discussed at the beginning of the project and approximate completion dates are established.
If issues arise during the project, a meeting between the homeowner and contractor is called
to discuss solutions.

Total Customer Service
In all aspects of our business, we are committed to total customer service and satisfaction.
We are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of skill, integrity, quality and
responsibility in a professional atmosphere.  

Warranty and Follow-Up    
Our one year warranty covers workmanship and contractor supplied materials. If a
warranty issue arises we address it quickly and take the necessary steps to correct it.